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yoko at meltdown yoko at meltdown
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commentaries R. Layne and Mike Brooker

Back from Yoko's Meltdown gig - fantastic!

The band was Sean, Yuka Honda, Harper Simon (son of Paul), plus a drummer I didn't recognise.

The event started with the band on stage, with a video projection of an all-american family superimposed on a rainforest. Gradually the family disappeared other than a small child. Then Yoko started pushing her hands through holes in the screen, and eventually cut her way through the screen, walked through and tried to find the microphone (she had a bag over her head).

Once the bag was removed I was delighted to see the Rubettes hat underneath. She had a table on stage with a selection of hats which she swapped between songs - "Somebody asked me how many hats I have. I thought it was a very rude question".

Track listing (I may have missed some):
I Want you to Remember Me A+B
Will I?
Something I didn't recognise
"Onochord" - Yoko demonstrated the Onochord thing, we all had Onochord lights on our seats. Sean couldn't find the big flashlight she was supposed to use. At this point there was a video projection of Yoko doing Onochord while Yoko and the band did a medley of Mind Train and Open Your Box

The band then left the stage, and Yoko introduced her special surprise guests the Pet Shop Boys. They performed "Walking on Thin Ice" - with Yoko's pre-recorded vocals and with Yoko adding screaming over the top and doing some very funky dancing.

Yoko then picked up her pile of hats and left the stage

Richard L. --

For now, Id like to add a brief outline of last nights simply amazing concert at Meltdown with Yoko.

Yoko played with Yuka Honda, Sean Lennon, Marc Ribot, Harper Simon, and some guy with really big hair on drums....The concert began with a segment of the Blueprint DVD (where John, Yoko, and Sean all fade in the backround, but the people were different...

Here is a basic outline of the concert:

Intro-You/Airmale from Fly
I Want You To Remember Me
WHY (!!)
Will I
I Really Wanna (new song she has played live three times already, this time the song sounded very countryish)
Hirake-played instrumental while Onochord was introduced)
Mind Train (!!)
Encore-Walking on Thin Ice remix, with the PET SHOP BOYS!

Overral, quite an amazing show, best performance Ive ever seen by her, and quite possibly best from what she has done live before...I wouldnt be surprised if she issued this as a live disc because the band was so tight, and matched her so well.

Anyway, Id write more but Ive been up all night...Complete review coming soon, and for tonight, Songs of Innocence!!



Yoko Ono
Sean Lennon
Harper Simon
Yuka Honda
Mark Ribot
Seb Rochford

Here's the line up for her participation in "Songs of Innocence" show at Meltdown on June 18. Yoko performed "Rising" with Patti Smith's band backing her.

Yoko Ono
Lenny Kaye
Ivan Kral
Jay Dee Daugherty

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