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bob gruen in tokyo dec 2004

the new catalog - 110 pages.
Bob Gruen attended the Photo Exhibit of his pictures of John Lennon and Yoko Ono from their New York years, at the Mitsukoshi Department Store in Ginza, Tokyo. The Exhibit, organised by Image Planning International for Mitsukoshi, was a great success drawing over a thousand visitors daily. Based on his limited edition book "Sometime in New York City" (Genesis Publications) there were over 100 photos on display and a new catalog of the show was made available. On Dec 7 and 11 Bob signed copies of the catalog for an eager crowd of fans, who queued patiently for hours to get signatures and pose for photos.

quote from http://bobgruen.com/events.htm

Did Bob Gruen give a speech about his books, about his photos , about his friendship with J&Y ?

No, he didn't at all. All he did was to give the audience autographs each. There was no interpreter hired there. Most of them don't speak English. So there were few people that actually spoke to him. Most of them were speechless when getting the autographs. No music related items are usually sold in the department store. That day, specially guitars and music items were for sale.

Bob Gruen was interviewed by the Japan Times : John and Joe: singin' bout their generations By PHILIP BRASOR Special to The Japan Times

(1) The entrance of the exhibition of John and Yoko's photos taken by Bob Gruen

(2) The sign of the photo exhibition
(Tuesday, December 7th through Sunday, December 12th )

(3) The advertisement of the photo exhibition
(The exhibition took place from Dec. 7 thru 12, in the gallery on the 7th floor of Mitsukoshi Department Store in Tokyo.)

(4) The lineup of those who bought Bob Guen's newest photo book of John and Yoko. They are getting an autograph one after another. To get his autograph, it was required to buy the photo book.

(5) Quite a few guitars similar to the ones the Beatles would play were offered for sale in the venue.

(6) Countless items about the Beatles and the post Beatles were also sold in the venue. Books, T-shirts, posters, and you name it.

(7) Hofner Bass for sale as well. So are lithographs.

(8) Many posters were also sold.

(9) Bob Gruen and our reporter in Tokyo.

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